Contract Management Amidst Rapid Growth

The specialty pharmaceutical division of a multinational consumer goods company was facing a heavy commercial contract workload and had no subject matter expert (SME) in place that could tackle the work. With their business growing rapidly, they needed interim support with experience in the life science space to handle day-to-day contracts and clinical trial agreements.

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Ground Leasing Quality Assurance

JURISolutions® Legal (JSL)’s client, a regional, renewable energy company (“GreenCo”), contacted us at the beginning of the third quarter and said it needed to complete a ground leasing, quality assurance project by the end of that quarter.

GreenCo did not have the internal bandwidth to dedicate to this project.  It also did not have the budget for its outside counsel to handle this project.

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Increased Wattage – Trade Compliance Surge

JURISolutions® Legal (JSL)’s client, a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, came to us with three challenges: large-scale integration post-acquisition, entry into several new markets and several new product launches.

These three events coalesced to create a high volume of complex trade compliance matters for our client’s legal team.

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JSL Contracts Specialists Outperform Competitor

A biopharmaceutical company was in growth mode and had contracts coming in faster than they could keep up with. They had a small internal contracting team and needed additional support to handle the sudden surge of MSAs, Consulting Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Manufacturing Agreements, and Clinical Trial Agreements.

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New Regulations and a Surge of Compliance Work

Due to the introduction of some new regulations affecting the life sciences industry, the Office of Ethics and Compliance of an international pharmaceutical company needed additional support in the form of subject matter experts (SMEs) to perform healthcare law compliance work in a timely manner in order to avoid facing any penalties. The international pharmaceutical company needed to add bandwidth, but could not add to their headcount.

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Overflowing Contracts – Stemming the Tide

The Research & Development  Department of a MD-based biopharmaceutical company was feeling the pressure to accommodate increasing demands for quicker turnaround time on standard contracts.

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