jurisADVANCE is a unique service line designed exclusively for the legal industry to achieve previously unattainable improvements in diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the entire legal ecosystem.


The Why

Despite significant investment in DEI education and training by the legal community over the past ten years, law continues to be one of the least diverse professions. While the numbers may suggest that little progress has been made, JSL’s unique vantage point has allowed us to see that sustainable change is possible and much closer than it appears.


The JSL Difference

With over 25 years of experience as legal recruiters, JSL has been privy to the obstacles and challenges experienced by diverse legal professionals throughout their careers and we make it our business to understand the business of our clients. The legal ecosystem is fundamentally different than other industries, particularly when it comes to paths of upward mobility and the distribution of power and influence. As such, it is no surprise that the tools used to improve DEI in other industries have not worked to improve DEI in the law. JSL recognizes that the only way to achieve sustainable change in the legal ecosystem is through custom tools that take the unique characteristics of law firms and legal departments into account and address the specific organizational gaps standing in the way of achieving parity and DEI.