When it comes to finding high-quality, highly credentialed legal professionals, JURISolutions® Legal (JSL)’s key differentiator is its centralized recruitment model. JSL has a dedicated recruitment team focused entirely on identifying, attracting, and developing legal talent all day, every day. The JSL recruitment team includes technologically savvy researchers, sourcing professionals and experienced legal recruiters, many of whom have attended law school themselves. All JSL recruiters, regardless of division, are trained using the same methodology and tools, and this training ensures that all JSL clients are provided with the best available talent in the market.


The JSL recruitment team uses a 3-phase process to identify the best legal talent for each client.

Phase 1

Recruiters leverage referrals, search internal and external databases, utilize networking platforms, and craft tailored job postings for online job boards.

Phase 2

Recruiters separate out those who have previously worked with JSL and those that are new to the company. New potential candidates go through the investigatory 3rd phase before they are spoken to about a specific position.

Phase 3

Recruiters learn critical information about the candidate’s true motivations, short and long-term goals, salary and hourly wage needs and areas of interest. This allows the recruiter to get to know potential candidates without bias being created by a person’s interest in a particular opportunity, and helps reduce candidate turnover rate and “wrong fit” issues.

Vetting and Qualification

JSL then uses a 4-phase approach to vetting and qualifying candidates.

Phase 1

Resume audit to identify any discrepancies

Phase 2

Interview with behavioral based questions designed to assess skill, past performance and personal characteristics

Phase 3

Reference assessments conducted by a member of the JSL team and background checks, including verification of education, prior employment and professional certifications/licensures

Phase 4

Criminal background checks, drug screening, credit check and/or personality assessments as required by the client