Our JURIServices service line bridges the gap between a law department’s internal capacity and its budget for outside counsel, and bridges the gap between the traditional law firm model and the rapidly changing legal marketplace by providing clients access to a nationwide team of experienced attorneys and specialized subject matter experts that are available to handle both complex and routine projects – onsite or remotely. JURISolutions® Legal (JSL)’s attorneys have practice experience gained at top public and private in-house departments, as well as AMLAW firms and firms with sophisticated boutique practices. By partnering with JSL, corporate legal departments and law firms can increase efficiency, decrease cost, relieve overburdened staff and tackle overflow work cost-effectively.

In the legal industry today, corporations are seeking greater value, law firms are seeking the most efficient business models to serve their clients, and attorneys are seeking alternative options in which to practice. Through our JURIServices service line, JSL brings this all together. Corporate legal departments and law firms can utilize JSL’s team of experienced attorneys in the following ways:

  • Project Attorneys & Secondments
  • Contract Management
  • Legal Outsourcing
  • Interim/Part-Time GC
  • Tier II