Ground Leasing Quality Assurance


JURISolutions® Legal (JSL)’ client, a regional, renewable energy company (“GreenCo”), contacted us at the beginning of the third quarter and said it needed to complete a ground leasing, quality assurance project by the end of that quarter.

GreenCo did not have the internal bandwidth to dedicate to this project.  It also did not have the budget for its outside counsel to handle this project.


GreenCo’s objectives:

  • Complete project on-time
  • Complete project within budget
  • Complete project without disrupting the workflow of its in-house attorneys


JSL proposed the use of a contract attorney to GreenCo, one who had both the commercial ground leasing and process (creating internal procedures) experience.

JSL provided a commercial real estate attorney, who worked part-time and on-site with GreenCo’s legal team in its San Francisco office.


GreenCo saved 40% on the cost of this project, compared to what outside counsel would have cost.

The Quality Assurance project was also completed on schedule, without disruption to GreenCo’s in-house legal department.

JSL’s contract attorney created and implemented quality control procedures for GreenCo to use in the future.