Increased Wattage – Trade Compliance Surge


JURISolutions® Legal (JSL)’s client, a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, came to us with three challenges:

  1. Large-scale integration post-acquisition
  2. Entry into several new markets
  3. Several new product launches.

These three events coalesced to create a high volume of complex trade compliance matters for our client’s legal team.


Our client needed to add bandwidth to its Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) regulatory and compliance capabilities, to meet this sudden surge in FCPA matters. At the same time, our client’s international trade attorneys had a standardized workflow that could ill afford any disruption.

With our client, we identified discrete functions and tasks that could be broken off from the normal workflow and handled by a JSL attorney.


JSL presented our client with a highly-experienced FCPA attorney with over 6 years of Am Law experience across several industries for strategic support. Our client did not need an on-site presence, so we drew upon our nationwide network of attorneys for this role.

JSL advised our client on how to effectively use this resource, including setting up on-site training, introducing virtual workspace and web-conferencing software, defining workflow, setting goals and expectations and creating clear lines of communication.


Utilizing our JSL attorney for its surge in FCPA matters, our client reduced its spend on outside counsel by more than 65%.

Our client was also pleased with the seamless integration of our attorney into the workflow of its team and the quality of our attorney’s work product.