Overflowing Contracts – Stemming the Tide


The Research & Development  Department of a MD-based biopharmaceutical company was feeling the pressure to accommodate increasing demands for quicker turnaround time on standard contracts.

The client was looking for several contracts specialists that had experience reviewing, drafting and negotiating confidentiality agreements to work on-site and directly support the R&D business unit.  They needed the contracts specialists to work independently with no hand-holding, or support from Legal, and they needed people in place within a week.


Upon consultation with the client regarding their specific needs and timeline, JURISolutions® Legal (JSL) presented a solution that consisted of a team of six contracts professionals.

JSL’s team was put in place to provide direct support to the R&D Department on a full-time basis, on-site in MD.


The total cost of the JSL team of six was equivalent to the cost the client would have incurred by hiring three permanent contracts administrators – in other words, JSL doubled the value of the clients’ staffing dollar. Our team effectively increased output, kept up with internal demands and, last but not least, allowed the Director of Operations to hit her production goals and keep her bosses happy.