JSL Contracts Specialists Outperform Competitor


A biopharmaceutical company was in growth mode and had contracts coming in faster than they could keep up with. They had a small internal contracting team and needed additional support to handle the sudden surge of MSAs, Consulting Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Manufacturing Agreements, and Clinical Trial Agreements.


Although the biopharmaceutical company had been working with another alternative legal services provider, the company’s second in command recommended reaching out to JURISolutions® Legal (JSL) to identify a handful of contracts professionals to assist the internal contracting team. The contracts professionals presented needed to range in experience levels, at least one needed an IP background, and they all needed to be available on a long-term project basis.


JSL presented the biopharmaceutical company with contracts attorneys, contracts specialists, and a patent agent that all had experience in the life sciences industry. These JSL professionals were involved in the biopharmaceutical company’s entire contract management process, served as a triage with legal, and conducted risk assessments quickly and confidently.

The success of the JSL team led to the direct placement of a few IP and contracts JSL specialists at the biopharmaceutical company.


JSL provided the biopharmaceutical company with more cost-effective solutions than the other alternative legal services provider and the biopharmaceutical company was more impressed with the quality of the JSL contracts and IP professionals. Because of this, JSL became the biopharmaceutical company’s primary provider of legal services.