Remote Managed Review for International Reinsurance Provider


A large law firm was managing a piece of litigation for a well-known international reinsurance provider and needed a small team of 10-15 contract attorneys to review relevant data.

In order for the data to be reviewed, it needed to be exported from Recommind to Relativity.

The law firm contacted JURISolutions® Legal (JSL) to handle the staffing component of the project, but did not know how they were going to host the necessary data or access Relativity.


In addition to assembling a team of document review attorneys with prior experience working remotely, JSL was able to host the necessary data, provide access to Relativity, and secure an eDiscovery team for technical project management through a pre-vetted strategic partner.

The law firm’s corporate client shipped a hard drive containing data from Europe to the strategic partner’s data center in Texas. Despite having to navigate technical difficulties resulting from exporting the data from Recommind and loading it into Relativity, which was the required review tool, JSL’s strategic partner and JSL’s team lead/QC reviewer were able to identify potential issues, resolve technical challenges, and provide excellent guidance to the rest of the team.


The review portion of the project was successfully completed in record time—while the expectation was that the review could take up to 4 months, JSL’s team wrapped up their review in only 3 months.

JSL’s strategic partner continued to host the data while the law firm and corporate attorneys continued to access information and run reports for the next 9 months.

JSL’s law firm client appreciated the ease of monthly all-inclusive invoices for both the review and technology-related charges, and the law firm’s corporate client was able to keep the project within budget thanks to JSL’s competitive pricing and strong relationship with the eDiscovery partner.