Quick Turnaround Document Review


A Fortune 500 package delivery company was faced with a limited budget and looming discovery deadlines. While they typically worked with an AMLAW 100 firm for their litigation needs, they reached out to JURISolutions® Legal (JSL) to support them with a last minute document review project their law firm was not equipped to handle.

At 4pm on Friday, the company instructed their AMLAW 100 firm to work with JSL to hire five high-caliber document review attorneys for a review project in San Francisco the following Tuesday.

JSL was instructed to assemble a go-to team of qualified attorneys at the most competitive rates, and resumes and conflicts had to be submitted by 8am Monday morning.


JSL consistently updates its network of on-demand document review attorneys as a part of standard procedure, checking for updated background and profile information, ensuring that clients have the latest access to available, talented support.

With a strong network of talent and close knowledge of our client’s industry, technical requirements, and budgetary restrictions, JSL was able to quickly assemble a review team for this project, working through the weekend to ensure the team was organized and committed to the project by Monday morning.


By relying on an up-to-date network of on-demand document review/discovery attorneys, JSL successfully assembled a talented team of five attorneys without the need for significant time investment from the client or the client’s outside law firm.

The review was executed successfully and met the client’s goals:

  • a review team ramped up quickly, competitive bill rates, & no turnover

which kept the project on time and on budget. As a result, both the client and the client’s law firm realized significant value in adding JSL to the project.