Alleviating the Stress of a Difficult Discovery Deadline
-Large Mass Tort Review


A plaintiff law firm was working on an ongoing, multi-district mass tort litigation when the judge moved up the discovery deadline. With just 8 months to handle 900 cases, the law firm knew that their small team would not be able to handle the increased workload. The firm asked JURISolutions® Legal (JSL) to provide 30 additional attorneys to work on these cases. These attorneys were expected to work long hours, travel often, and start working right away.


In order to satisfy the law firm’s needs, JSL needed to find attorneys with experience beyond document review – experience with fact sheets, medical chronologies, etc. – that were willing to work and travel whenever necessary and could be available immediately for this long-term contract position. With a number of large document review projects already staffed and in progress in the area, the market for qualified attorneys was tight. Because of the high demand for attorneys, and the low supply, JSL knew that a creative recruitment strategy would play a key role in meeting the client’s needs in a short amount of time.


A dedicated JSL team worked around-the-clock and employed creative recruitment strategies with an eye for retention to identify, fully vet, and present over 50 attorneys to the law firm, with the first batch of resumes submitted to the client within just 24 hours. All of the attorneys presented had experience beyond standard document review, and they all had flexible schedules that would allow them to meet the client’s other requirements.


After presenting the law firm with qualified and pre-vetted attorneys, the law firm began conducting interviews with the candidates and hired 15 within a week. Another 14 attorneys were hired shortly after, and began working immediately. The law firm was impressed with both JSL’s speed and ability to identify candidates with the qualities that were most important to them. JSL’s team of attorneys successfully alleviated stress on the law firm’s internal attorney team by adding bandwidth, allowing the firm to meet their discovery deadline with ease.