Nationwide IP Search    


An Am Law 100 firm was looking to hire multiple Patent Litigation and Patent Prosecution associate attorneys across five offices around the country. Each candidate had to have exceptional academic credentials, including an advanced degree in a technical subject such as Computer Science or Electrical Engineering and work experience within those technical fields.


We worked closely with the client to create a very detailed needs analysis profile that gave us deep insight into who these new hires would be working with, the types of matters they would be assigned to, the culture in each office and the personality of the teams in each office. We were then able to use our proprietary database to identify 96% of the candidates in each market that matched the needs analysis profile.

From there, armed with intimate details about the positions and respective offices, we systematically reached out to every candidate that we had identified using multiple channels and enthusiastically presented our client’s opportunity along with a compelling story about why our client was looking to grow. Our extensive experience in IP allowed us to have productive and meaningful conversations with hundreds of potential candidates.


Over the course of several months our client was able to make offers to and hire six candidates that we had sourced for five different offices. The candidates were from schools such as Harvard, Georgetown, UCLA, UT Austin and Boston College and held advanced degrees in subjects such as Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.