Labor and Employment Search for Fortune200 Company


The management team of a publicly traded, Fortune200 insurance company determined that they needed to hire an Assistant GC for labor and employment matters. They wanted to add an expert to the management team who could help provide legal guidance to company executives in every major decision. However, the company had very specific requirements: the attorney had to have at least 10 years of experience, but no more than 15 and the attorney had to have both an AMLAW and corporate in-house background. They needed to find the right fit for this position within two months.


The insurance company needed to find multiple candidates with significant in-house and AMLAW experience in a short amount of time who would also fit within the company’s budget.


They turned to JSL Legal Search Group to handle the search. After a series of meetings and calls with their internal recruiter, we were able to create a Detailed Profile and Needs Analysis Profile. We then worked at top speed to ensure the client had candidates in the short time window they needed.


Using the Needs Analysis Profile that we created, we were able to identify four highly qualified candidates for the position. The client ultimately selected one candidate who had an expertise in labor and employment issues that had previously worked for a publicly traded company with bases of operation in NYC. We assisted the client in structuring a competitive and attractive offer for this candidate and secured the candidate’s acceptance.